Friday, 15 June 2012


This weekend is IHSW aka International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, and it is the first time I have participated! Follow the link to find out more and sign up. It's an awesome idea and a great excuse to get hauled up and cozy on a rainy weekend and stitch! On Monday I will post any progress I have made.

I plan to start a new project and try to get some stitching done on my Michael Powell design after having a break for a couple of days. I was planning to finish Bert the Badger this weekend too but I have run out of a couple of colours from the kit so will need to get them before I can finish.

This is the progress of Bert the Badger from the past three days, the top left picture is how it looked in the last post. I am really enjoying this kit but looking forward to doing something with a bit more colour.

Spent a lovely day in London today soaking up some culture at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Was very inspirational to see so much and so much colour all in one place! As well as spending some time with a good friend and having yummy Mexican!

Happy stitching!

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